As of 11/29/2023 – Mortgage Rates Continue to Improve

The outlook remains good for rates getting better in December .. 10yr Treasure Yield continues to FALL Mortgage Bonds continue to IMPROVE Revised GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is stronger The Markets are now 100% confident that FED Rate Hikes are DONE … Question is how soon will FED Rate CUTS begin and the feeling is…

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AS OF 11/20/2023 – NEW Fannie Mae (Conventional) LTVs on Multi-Units


We NOW have the ability to provide 5% DOWN PAYMENTS for 2, 3, and 4 UNIT properties being purchased for your PRIMARY RESIDENCE.  This is a HUGE improvement over the previous 15% (2 unit) and 25% (3-4 unit) forcing many to go with FHA for purchasing a multi-unit for their primary residence …

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As of 11/14/2023 – GREAT News for Mortgage Rates

Strong rally today. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) results came in this morning BELOW the consensus expectation.  This is a good sign for INFLATION SLOWING, therefore benefiting rates. We would need continued CPI results such as this one for the Fed to definitively declare an end to rate hikes. As of Today … Core inflation TICKED…

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As of 10/10/2023 – Additional Fed Hikes This Year Less Likely

Mortgage Bond prices have improved this morning after the market begins to move into bonds as a safe haven with the news of war between Israel and Hamas, which could lead to oil sanctions among other concerns. Additionally, the rise in treasury yields has led some Fed officials to suggest that more rate hikes this…

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As of 8/31/2023 – Cautiously Float with Optimism

The reprice risk today is low with not much to worry about either.  Things are looking MUCH BETTER than a week ago with the possibility of the BEST RATES in over a month if we can get lucky with the markets reaction to tomorrow’s jobs data and it’s looking MUCH MORE LIKELY than it has…

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As of 8/30/2023 – Base Rate Improvements

As of 8/30/2023 – Base Rate Improvements (FINALLY) Due to yesterdays JOLTS (Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey) showing fewer job openings than expected and a softening of the labor market bonds rallied STRONG which generated a significant drop in rates yesterday followed by another one this morning.  There is still a lot of risk…

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As of 8/28/2023 – Fed Meeting on 8/25

Well after all the hype Friday’s speech by the Fed Chair Jerome Powell was essentially a non-event. At the moment, the markets are pricing in another Fed Rate increase for November and little expectations that there will be a rate hike in September. This week’s Jobs report will be out this week. It’s either going…

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As of 8/14/2023 – National Consumer Debt

As of 8/14/2023 – National Consumer Debt  Credit Card Debt Eclipses $1 Trillion Credit card balances hit a high of $1.3 trillion in Q2, up nearly 5% from Q1, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in its quarterly report on household debt and credit. In total, total household debt is at just…

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As of 8/4/2023 – July Jobs Report Beat Expectations (barely)

July did post less than expectations though wages are up and inflation dropped which definitely makes for mixed signals for the FEDS as they continue to fight inflation … NEW JOBS created in July was 187,000 and expectations of 200,000 GOOD for the bonds and rates as the labor market is softening. UNEMPLOYMENT dropped down…

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As of 7/27/2023 – Post Fed Meeting Yesterday (7/26)

Continued STRONG economic data put a hold on mortgage rates improving after yesterday’s Fed (overnight) Rate increase of 25 basis points (0.25%) … Jobless Claims came in LOWER than expected MEANING we still have a STRONG Labor Market. 2nd Quarter GDP (Gross Domestic Product) showed durable goods orders JUMPING meaning the economy is NOWHERE near a…

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